Sunday 22 March 2015

Proper Essex, This Is

Tucked  away on the southern bank of the wide expanse of the Stour estuary, Wrabness is a place that you'll love if you like hiking, biking, fishing and stuff like messing about on the river. If you want "entertainment", you'll hate it, because "there's nuffink to do". I love it.
Wood anemones in Wrabness wood in April

An amazing sight, made more so because it lasts only briefly

Brits on the beach 
It's a place that's nicely unspoilt. If you're on the beach and you want an ice cream, you've got a mile walk to the village shop. Oh, and when you get there it'll be shut.

At the bottom of Shore Farm lane there's a, I was going to say, "caravan park", but that really mis describes it. It's a green with a handful of old mobile homes, most of which have seen better days. No "facilities" as such. Just a lovely peaceful place to have a barby, laze about and it's just a stone's throw from the beach. That'll do for me.

I love this photo doesn't get better than that
Looking towards Manningtree at sunset in August

"Late after Lammas and summer in trouble"